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Lone Star Santorini Stones Shop Update:

We are temporarily pausing our online store along with our Etsy Shop for a few weeks in order to start packing for our upcoming warehouse relocation to SW Austin. We are also putting some last finish touches on our newest Santorini product lines launching this Spring 2022!! We are pumped! Thank you for your patience and we will resume taking your Santorini Stone orders March 21st, 2021. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me



We are a Premium Santorini Stone Distributor right here in Central Texas. Our stones are perfect for Kindness Rock Painters, Artists, Crafters, & Families.

When I began this business I was a Kindness Rocker who couldn't stop painting Santorini Stones! lol Everyone would ask me: What are those white rocks? Where did you get them? Are they natural? Can I try painting one? I began to notice I wasn't the only one who loved their sparkle and smooth flat surface was an absolute dream to paint on. Plus, they sure do make even "novice painters" like myself look fancy and professional. :)

My goal is to bring these pure white tumbled marble stones from Greece to Austin while keeping prices affordable so everyone can enjoy painting them as much as I do!

All of our boxes are packed with love and  care. We have over 8,000lbs of Santorini Stones each one unique in size and shape ranging 3"-13".

We also offer custom cut Santorini Squares and Rectangles upon request.

We pride ourselves on same day or next day shipping and local pick up is FREE (Austin, TX 78739)

We use USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping across the US (2-3 business days usually / But please be advised of shipping delays due to COVID & Holidays).

Our pre-mixed stone boxes are a perfect way to sample a little bit of everything while being balanced with our customers in mind.

Customizations are always welcome! You tell me what you’re looking for shapes/sizes/purpose or planned art for the stone.

Please reach out with any questions, product recommendations, how-tos, etc. My goal is to help facilitate other artists/families/crafters to reach their art goals, spread their wings and support any way I can.

-Brittany Prince (Owner)

Brittany Prince