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Lone Star Santorini Stones

Premium White Marble Stones Imported From Greece

for Artists & Creatives

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Welcome to Lone Star Santorini Stones by Brittany!

About Us

This seller saved Christmas for my customers. I paint on Santorini stones and my supplier suddenly stopped selling them. I found Lone Star Santorini Stones and Brittany responded to all of my needs for stones of all sizes. She is friendly and helpful. I’m back in business as you can see by these two finished art stones. Many more to be done on brand new shiny stones from this seller.


Santorini Premium White Marble is one of the most exquisite natural stones in the world. ... The pieces are tumbled smooth to create a gorgeous rock perfect for decorative landscaping. The stones have also become a favorite of rock painters because of their perfectly smooth, flat surface and inherent sparkle." Excellent quality with polite, fast service!


These rocks are smooth and shiny. Wonderful for crafts. My kids love painting them. Great activity to do as a family. Brittany was super fast to respond. I recommend the starter kits.


Santorini Stones

Premium White Natural Marble Imported from Greece.